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Feeling Crumby in the Time of SARS-CoV-2

During these strange times in which we live, I’ve found myself turning to different sources of comfort. Each of us has our own sources to which we turn. Mine trend toward geeky or nerdy in theme, such as the podcast The Story Collider, which features creative storytellers who weave their love of and work in science into their art of storytelling. Part of what makes these times so bizarre has been the reinvention of our lives: somehow technology looms so much larger in our experience. For myself, I’ve relied on technology for my employment off and on throughout the past 12 years and, even I find myself grousing about yet another Zoom call, especially with the amount of time I spend at my laptop editing my podcast, Friends for the Journey.

But these days in the Northern hemisphere, we’re headed into colder weather, and the option of sitting outside in the warm sunshine visiting with people will soon not be available. I’ll have to be inside, watching from a window as the beauty of autumn leaves spiral down in their ballet of colors. Eventually, those leaves will transition into the falling curtains of snow. And I wonder, ‘How will I share a cuppa, or even a moment?’ with friends, neighbors, or anyone?

To be sure, I’m not the only one who might find this thought rolling around in their minds. There’s some cognitive dissonance as I revel in the beauty of autumn while simultaneously resenting how the colder winds restrict any possibility of sharing a moment with a friend. Loneliness and isolation threaten, and resentment can morph into reckless actions or rash words. And if health concerns keep a tight leash on our activity, it’s easy to resist and even resent the limitations. Then, it seems we’re left with the choice of getting really angry or reimagining something new. And…isn’t that what scripture promises to us all? In Christ, all things shall be made new? What if that also relates to coffee dates during a pandemic? Maybe it does. Storyteller and educator S. Bergman Bear writes a great article for Vice sharing what he learned about how to enjoy the holidays during this pandemic. It’s a great read and incredibly inspiring.

So, I’m moving my complicated body and challenging health inside as the temperatures grow colder. I’ll prepare to spend more time on the phone, more time on Zoom…and not just for work or for podcasting, but with the sole purpose of connecting with a friend. In fact, what if I considered it a rebellious act of seeking joy in the time of SARS CoV-2? With a cup of coffee in one hand and a snack in the other, I’ll meet a loved one on a video call or phone call. Sure, it might feel crumby at first (see what I did there?) but I bet there may be a little joy to be found if I’m willing to try.

Who’s with me?

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