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Who Produces the

Friends for the Journey 


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Since 1995, Ministering to Ministers has provided support for clergy, rabbis, ministers, pastors, and chaplains of all faiths and denominations.

In their next 25 years, Ministering to Ministers seeks to expand their support into other fields of service where people put their hearts and souls into their work, such as teachers, healthcare providers, non-profit advocates, mental health support, service industry, and everyone who works in service of others.

Who has been a

Friend for the Journey?

Teachers, Peace Corp workers, ministers, healers, musicians, historians, psychologists, coaches, spouses, and more.

Who can be a Friend for the Journey?

You could.

Have you experienced an unexpected transition in your personal or professional life? 

Every person experiences growth and change in different ways.

And the questions, what does hope mean? and how did resilience show up in my life? mean something different to each person.

When we share our wisdom and insight with one another, we each become richer together.

You are welcome to become a Friend for the Journey. 

Send me a note.

I'd love to talk with you about being a guest on Friends for the Journey

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