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Barbara J.

Kathrin listens so well and patiently, combining compassion and clarity to offer an entirely new perspective I hadn't previously considered. I felt validated and celebrated along the way.

Brett T.

Coaching with Kathrin has changed my life, and I reflect on our conversations for big and small life decisions with some major breakthroughs because of what I saw and learned. Asking all the right questions, guiding me to trust the wisdom that was already within me to give me the chance to kick old negative life patters.

Sarah C.

Kathrin made me feel seen, and heard, and like what I was experiencing was real and

not imagined. She didn't shy away from it, instead  I felt that she saw the parts of me others were blind to, like the smile I put on to be brave for the rest of the world.

She made me feel it was OK to take off

that smile in front of her, to be real, 

to be scared, and unsure, and

to not be 'perfect.' 

Kathrin helped me figure out my

own meanderings through my disbelief,

and unworthiness so I could

make sense of the wilderness.

Thanks to her I have found myself again.

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